As per Shutter God, Robin Wong‘s suggestion, instead of hitting the streets, we would drop by KL Bird Park for a round of casual photo shoot.

KL Bird Park, located adjacent to Perdana Lake Gardens, is reputed to be the largest walk-in free-flight aviary in the world. It houses more than 5,000 birds, from more than 50 different species in an enclosed area of 16 hectares. Entrance fee is a whopping RM20 for adults (regardless of nationality) and RM10 for children.

The area is huge alright and walkways are well maintained albeit a little slippery at some parts. The park is really clean (considering the birds could pee and shit at anywhere they want) and doesn’t smell at all. Overall, the walk is really easy and should not pose a problem even for senior citizens.

Bring your own water as bottled mineral water or canned drinks are priced at RM4, which is nothing but a total rip off. One could buy two cans from the food trucks outside the bird park.

If you are there for photography purpose, it is best you arrive early in the morning, 9 or 9.30am preferably, before the tour groups start flocking the place during late morning. Not to mention, feeding time for most of the birds are in the morning. There are a few shows too, but I was not keen.

Yes, that is a dead chick in the bird’s beak.

The birds are generally not afraid of humans but you would still have to approach them slowly.

Peacocks are aplenty and you will definitely be able to catch a few of them spreading their tails for you.

I remember there was a toy which would transform to a peacock. There were three animals, an eagle, a bat and a peacock. Anyone remember that toy?

Feels like I have seen this bird in some cartoons or maybe movies.

There is a man made waterfall which overlooks the pool area, where some of the waterbirds are located at.

There are only three eagles, locked up in a cage where they probably could fly no longer than three seconds.

Yo bro, you need to use a napkin if you are going to create so much mess eating your papaya.

I guess papaya is the cheapest local fruit among all and staple food for the birds as there were papayas everywhere.

Colourful parrots, all lined up nicely on the handrails, waiting for their food.

Kissing birds. Or not. Not sure what they were doing, but it sure looked like they were kissing each other, probably with tongue.

Humping birds. It could be the mating season as we seen not one but a few birds dry humping each other.

It was my first time at KL Bird Park and I didn’t know what to expect.

I set my ISO at 400 and shot all my pictures entirely with my Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM. I used F2.8 to throw out the background and also the cage. I also used a fixed focus point to prevent my camera from hunting for my subjects and my tele lens’ focus limiter to lock the minimum focusing distance (1.4m/2.5m to infinity).

It was really difficult and tricky to get a nice shot of the birds. The birds were constantly moving and in different environments (in the cage, under the shade, under direct sunlight, back lit, mixture of both and etc.). Anyway, not gonna dwell too much into the technical parts as that is not what photography about and most importantly, I had fun firing my shutter away.

I felt that there were not too many varieties in my almost 500-shots. Most of them were portraits of the birds, whereas I could have gone for texture, wider, closer and etc. Oh well, there is always next time.

Did I spark your interest to visit the bird park yet?

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9 Responses to Photo Walk At KL Bird Park

  1. KY says:

    those are some very nice photos!

  2. tekkaus says:

    I passed by this bird park a month ago…when I was lost. :)

    Gosh…the bird was eating another bird. :(

  3. Amy Lim says:

    Photo walk~~~Bird park~~nice :) I like the part whereby you said the technical part is not what photography is all about~~~ I’m going there one of these days after my exam :D

  4. Robin says:

    Superb shots !! Nothing less coming from the infamous Jasonmumbles.

  5. ahsiang says:

    RM20 for entry fee is not cheap for fellow Malaysian, but I might consider to bring my kids there. :)
    I wouldn’t go for myself, but will go just for my children. :D

  6. Che-Cheh says:

    Nice shots you got there.
    Went to this bird park during my schooling time. Once is enough.

  7. jfook says:

    Super awesome photos..

  8. Ry-Ann says:

    Your pictures are so amazing!

  9. Jason says:

    KY : Thanks but could have been a lot better. Lack of practice.

    tekkaus : How did you get lost inside the area? Where were you going? Don’t feel sad, it’s just circle of life. LOL.

    Amy Lim : Let me know when you are going, okay? I might just join you. Haha.

    Robin : Yours even better, nothing less coming from the Shutter God!

    ahsiang : Yeah, very expensive actually. Anything for the kids eh?

    Che-Cheh : Nice but not great. Heh. Well, you now have a D90, don’t you feel like going in to shoot some birds?

    jfook : Thanks!

    Ry-Ann : Thank you. :)

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